Hi. Welcome to The Gun Rack. No doubt, your journey here has been a long one. But rejoice! For you have arrived at a place like no other. A place where goats and Chevettes dwell in harmony. A place where Glock fanboys and HiPoint hipsters coexist with mutual respect for one another. A place where even crocs are considered cool. Well, not really, but those that wear them are still accepted. Hell, even the owner of the site is a kilt wearing Californium. So register, log in, and become a part of the most eclectic gun forum on the interwebs. You'll be glad you did 😉

Terms of Service and Rules

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The Standard of Behavior

Treat all other members with respect and common courtesy.

Unacceptable Behaviors Defined

  • Posting abusive or demeaning content
  • Trolling
  • Making a threat
  • Flaming
  • Spamming
  • Habitual arguing, thread derailing or other activities deemed to instigate fighting
  • Habitual or repeated issuance of negative ratings to another member for no readily apparent reason
  • Publicly posting the “identifying information” of any person.

Unacceptable Subject Matter Defined

  • You may not post any obscene messages or pictures, including pornography or links to said material. Do not post drawn or photographic images of male or female genitalia, as well as the female nipple or areola, whether naked or visible through transparent or semi-transparent clothing.
  • You may not post images of sexual aids or toys that are facsimiles of genitalia or any bodily orifice.
  • You may not post any material, whether text or image, that portrays, condones, glorifies, or encourages violence or non-consensual sexual activity, regardless of the targeted gender.
  • You may not use excessively foul language. The following words are specifically banned from use; Fk, Ct, Motherfr, as are all derivatives of these words. This includes these words appearing in images, text, or videos
  • You may not post any other material that, in the sole discretion of the Staff, is overly crude, demeaning or vulgar.
    Illegal Activities Prohibited

The site is held responsible for all posts. Please beware and think before you post. No posts or PMs shall engage in any illegal file transfers nor engage in any illegal activity. Any such activity that is detected will be reported to the appropriate authorities to protect the interests of this site, its staff and its members.

Members’ Signature Lines

Pictures in a member’s signature area are prohibited
All other content should be kept reasonably brief to maintain page loading speeds

Disciplinary Action Explained

The staff does not want to resort to disciplinary action. However, occasionally, circumstances require us to do so. A procedure has been established whereby Moderators and Administrators may not ban a member for more than three days without involving additional staff in the decision process. The number of staff required to make the decision increases with the length of the ban. We feel this is the best way to protect members from arbitrary discipline by the site’s staff. Our process is as follows:

  • Length of ban/Staff required
    3 days/Any one staff member
    4 to 10 days /Requires two staff members
    11 to 29 days/Requires two staff members plus a discussion open to all staff members
    30 day to Permanent Ban/Requires consent of the majority of staff members

Content Ownership and Posts

You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

Reporting a Post

Each post has a Report feature at the bottom. Please do not view using this feature as being a snitch. The staff cannot watch every post that is made and honest mistakes are made by members. We would like to help all our members by correcting or editing an issue. Once a report has been received, it will be handled by the first available staff member.

Contacting Staff

If you need clarification of anything herein, please contact any staff member via the “Start a Conversation” (PM) feature of this site. You will receive a response as quickly as possible.


The staff reserves the right to amend or revise this Code of Conduct from time to time as it deems necessary or prudent. The newest revision will replace the previous in the same location on this site. A notification posting will be made to the forum at that time. It is the responsibility of all members stay up to date with any changes in the Code.